Zscaler unveils cybersecurity solutions that harness the full potential of generative AI


Largest cloud security data lake offers new AI-powered security controls to detect millions of new attacks and protect sensitive data
Amsterdam / Zenith Live LAS VEGAS, 15 June 2023 -- Zscaler, Inc, a leader in cloud security, announces a suite of advanced security solutions that enable IT and security teams to harness the full potential of generative AI while ensuring the security of intellectual property and customer data. Zscaler has a huge data pool and uses AI/ML or generative AI to not only predict breaches, but also make recommendations on policies around threat detection, prevention and response.

Training AI models to produce meaningful and accurate results requires large amounts of diverse, high-quality data and an advanced AI engine. Zscaler's advantage in AI is the result of 15 years of expertise in developing and operating the world's largest cloud security platform that processes more than 300 billion transactions daily from users, IoT/OT devices, workloads and business-to-business communications. The platform's proxy-based architecture and cloud security data lake, combined with Zscaler's Large Language Models (LLM) for secure connectivity, provide a comprehensive view of an organisation's overall security. It also provides large amounts of valuable, anonymised training data to continuously improve AI models and intelligently predict breaches with precision.

"Generative AI represents a groundbreaking turning point in technology. Those organisations that have large amounts of relevant, secret business data to harness its potential will be at the forefront," said Jay Chaudhry, CEO, chairman and founder of Zscaler. "Recognising the importance of this technology years ago, we have implemented AI and ML capabilities to enhance multiple services, from data protection to digital experience monitoring. Zscaler is taking a giant leap forward by introducing a range of security capabilities that will allow our customers to safely harness the power of new generative AI tools to predict and stop breaches."

Zscaler offers innovations that help customers towards secure AI transformation
Data protection for AI - Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) prevents potential data breaches and helps organisations capture and preserve content, including prompts for generative AI queries and outputs from publicly available LLMs and AI applications for security and audit purposes in their own environments.
AITotal - A comprehensive risk scoring system for the vast number of AI applications, taking into account the applications' risk profile and privacy policies.
AI Visibility & Access Control - A new URL category and cloud application created specifically for monitoring the use of AI applications. This innovative solution provides the versatility to set up policies for different user sets and groups, giving them precise control over access to AI applications. By implementing cloud-based Remote Browser Isolation, Zscaler provides an additional layer of security as well as restricting potentially dangerous actions - such as uploading, downloading and cut-and-paste functions - when using AI applications.
Zscaler has recently developed the following innovations, currently in preview, that use generative AI to deliver precision results
Security Autopilot including breach prediction - A proactive approach to data security as AI engines continuously learn from changing cloud-based policies and logs. By recommending policies and performing impact analysis, Security Autopilot simplifies security operations as well as helping to improve security control and prevent future breaches. It is currently being tested by ThreatLabz, Zscaler's advanced threat research and incident response team.
Zscaler Navigator - A simplified and unified natural language interface so customers can interact with Zscaler products and access relevant documentation using a seamless, secure and easy-to-use approach.
Multi-Modal DLP - Traditional DLP solutions only understand and manage text- and image-based data, whereas there are now many more different visual and audio multimedia formats available. Zscaler will integrate generative AI and multi-modal capabilities into its DLP offering to protect customers' data from leaks for different media formats - i.e. video and audio formats in addition to text and images.


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