AI: ally or ticking time bomb?


National AI Debate - Wednesday, November 1

Amsterdam, Oct. 30, 2023 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a societal gamechanger, whether in healthcare, education, office work, industry or art. Is it our ally or a ticking time bomb? This calls for a serious discussion about the impact of AI on our society, the opportunities it presents and the potential risks of this technology. To provide this, the National AI Debate will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live by BNR.

In the debate led by moderator Joe van Burik, ethical dilemmas, privacy issues and regulation will be discussed alongside the opportunities and possibilities of AI. Leading scientists, tech experts, politicians and CEOs will participate and everyone can join in the discussion via chat in the livestream.

Some of the participants in the National AI Debate:

  • Lisanne Brons, Business Lead Modern Work & Cybersecurity Microsoft
  • Kees Verhoeven, Founder Bureau Digitale Zaken and former Member of Parliament D66
  • Pascal Wiggers, Associate Lecturer Artificial Intelligence Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Floris Hoogenboom, Head of Data & AI Products at Royal Schiphol Group
  • Catelijne Muller, Founder ALLAI and member of the High Level Expert Group on AI
  • Felienne Hermans, Professor of Computer Science Education at VU University Amsterdam
  • Kim van Sparrentak, Member of the European Parliament on behalf of GroenLinks
  • Stefan Leijnen, Lecturer of the Artificial Intelligence lectorate at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
  • Cynthia Liem, associate professor of computer science at TU Delft
  • Tim Bakker, PhD researcher in Machine Learning

The debate is co-sponsored by digital agency Triple and online training provider SkillsTown and is for entrepreneurs, philosophical minds, teachers, students, parents, tech enthusiasts. In short, for anyone curious about the wonderful world.

Learn more about the livestream and all participants at:

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