Alibaba Cloud's Energy Expert helps analyse carbon footprint during Olympic Esports Week


Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, announces that its AI-driven sustainability solution, Energy Expert, has been successfully tested to measure and analyse carbon emissions from temporary structures for Olympic Esports Week. For this, Energy Expert provides data-driven insights into material and equipment selection. The tool is deployed within Alibaba Cloud's collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Alibaba Cloud is using Energy Expert to measure and analyse the carbon emissions of the temporary structures for the event. For this purpose, various metrics were analysed, including the impact of energy consumption, waste management, signage and decoration of the structures.

Energy Expert offers event organisers the latest sustainability technology, to identify sources of carbon emissions in the construction and operation of event venues, make a venue's carbon footprint measurable and visualise a venue's sustainability performance through online reports and integrated dashboards.

According to Energy Expert, the carbon footprint of the Olympic Esports Week 2023 temporary structures is estimated at 274 tonnes CO2e (carbon equivalent). To reach that footprint, 60% of signage was replaced with digital alternatives, reducing emissions by 14 tonnes CO2e. Reusing half of the flooring after the event resulted in an emission reduction of 10 tonnes CO2e.

"We have been supporting the IOC in their digital transformation of the Olympics since Tokyo 2020 and it is an honour to be part of this historic milestone in e-sports. Sustainability is one of the pillars in our sports innovation strategy. By providing data, actionable insights and energy-saving tips, we can work with industry organisations to make a positive and tangible impact on the environment and further develop the sports industry," said Selina Yuan, President of International Business at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

The first Olympic Esports Week is the latest step in the digital transformation collaboration between the IOC and Alibaba and follows the success of developing sports innovations for Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022. It is Alibaba's first large-scale project to tackle carbon emissions in the e-sports industry.

The popularity of e-sports is increasing its environmental impact. Industry analyses estimate that in 2022, one e-sports team emitted up to 100 tonnes of CO2. Gaming is also becoming increasingly popular in the private sphere: 40% of the world's population (three billion people) play video games, according to analyst firm DFC Intelligence. This creates significant emissions that we need to address.

In addition to carbon measurements of the temporary structures for the event, Alibaba Cloud is pushing for more ways to draw the general public's attention to the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Alibaba Cloud's web app for Olympic Esports Week therefore invites the public to take photos of items such as keyboards and headsets, to understand the carbon footprint of each item. In the app, users can find tips to reduce their footprint, for example by buying second-hand equipment or extending the life of equipment. This is made possible by integrating Alibaba Cloud's AI technologies with carbon emissions data. Participants can use the app to make a 'pledge' to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, participants who then put their money where their mouth is can earn points in the app, for example by taking electronic waste to special collection points. Participants who earn enough points can obtain a Sustainability Champion badge.

The first edition of Olympic Esports Week took place from 23 to 25 June 2023 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. The programme included e-sports competitions, demonstration matches, exhibitions showcasing the latest innovations, a series of panel discussions and educational sessions organised by the IOC. The highlight was the final of the Olympic Esports Series, in which top Olympic Esports athletes from around the world competed for gold medals in ten disciplines.

As the world's leading cloud infrastructure provider, Alibaba Cloud is committed to helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint through intelligent computing and AI technologies, among others. Alibaba Cloud itself targets carbon neutrality for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and aims to power its cloud computing 100% with clean energy by 2030.


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