Data-driven start-up JIBSER launches method to bring transparency to recruitment world


International research shows that 61% of organizations report that their talent acquisitions are below par. As a result, companies often choose to outsource recruitment, losing their grip on their goals and process. JIBSER offers those companies a transparent solution to these problems with an innovative approach.

The founders of JIBSER have launched a data-driven method that will bring transparency to the world of recruitment on Sept. 5, 2023. "We speak to business owners and hr managers every day who are annoyed that the recruitment market is expensive and completely opaque. Finding the right talent is becoming increasingly challenging and can hardly be predicted with current methods”, says one of the founders. The other founder adds: "We work methodically and predictably at a much lower fixed investment per month, without sky-high recruitment fees."

Predictable influx without recruitment agencies

Talent acquisitions are sub-standard, according to international research on the hr managers and business owners responsible for recruitment in their companies. JIBSER aims to help them and shake up the current recruitment industry with transparency and time savings. Using a new methodology, it ensures a predictable influx of quality talent without recruitment agencies. This is done through a solid methodology, target group data and technology and with the goal of creating predictability of candidate inflow.

With JIBSER's methodology launched, the reach of each recruitment campaign is maximized based on target group data, automatically executed technologies and self-learning algorithms. This allows business owners and hr managers to work data-driven and save a lot of time. However, the investment is many times lower because a fee is charged for the campaign itself, regardless of how many people are hired. JIBSER's vision of the future is for companies to regain their grip by transforming their traditional way of recruiting to one that is transparent and predictable. They achieve this by deploying data-driven strategies through a range of custom-selected online (social) media channels.


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