Dutch Tech On Heels officially launched @ The Hague Tech


We are thrilled to share the success of the recent launch event of Dutch Tech On Heels, a new initiative aimed at promoting the visibility and advancement of women in the (Dutch) tech industry. The launch event took place on May 25th at The Hague Tech, after an inspiring and informative panel discussion that was the kick-off the event where also the launch and networking took place.

The panel discussion, moderated by Dirkjan Hupkes, host of the Women Disrupting Tech podcast and founder of True Story Company, set the tone for the event. Dirkjan's passion for helping others make an impact for a better world was evident as he guided the conversation and provided a platform for successful women in tech to share their stories. His commitment to showcasing the achievements of women in tech is truly inspiring and will undoubtedly encourage more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and passion.

The panel discussion, titled "Women in Tech: Career Advancement," featured esteemed speakers like Hendrika Willemse, Jennifer Delano and Wafa M'ribah who shared their personal journeys, insights, and strategies for success in the tech industry. It was an invaluable opportunity for women in tech to learn from experienced professionals and gain practical advice on advancing their careers. Whether attendees were just starting out or looking to take their careers to the next level, the panel provided valuable guidance and inspiration. Besides that, it was possible to ask questions and discuss the topics where the speakers talked about.

The 3 speakers:
Hendrika Willemse, founder of She in IT, brought her wealth of experience and passion for diversity in the tech industry to the panel. With over 20 years in the field, Hendrika is a trailblazer in empowering and inspiring ambitious women in IT and tech to build successful careers. Her insights and advice resonated with the audience, encouraging them to pursue their goals without compromising their well-being.

Wafa M'ribah, the lead AI product manager at S&P Global, shared her remarkable journey and achievements in the field of AI and information intelligence. Her academic accomplishments and work experience in prominent data science and machine learning companies showcased the incredible possibilities for women in tech. Wafa's story served as a powerful reminder that with determination and hard work, women can excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Jennifer Delano, CEO at PRGoeroes and founder of Dutch Tech on Heels, was instrumental in organizing this remarkable event. Jennifer's expertise in PR and her dedication to promoting the positive visibility of women in tech in the Dutch market were evident throughout the launch.

The launch event concluded with a networking session, allowing attendees to connect with fellow participants, panelists, and industry professionals. It provided an opportunity to exchange ideas, establish meaningful connections, and foster collaborations that will shape the future of women in tech in the Netherlands.

Dutch Tech On Heels has set a powerful precedent for future initiatives focused on advancing women in tech. By bringing together industry professionals, sharing inspiring stories, and fostering dialogue, this event has laid the foundation for positive change and increased visibility for women in the tech industry. As we look to the future, Dutch Tech On Heels remains committed to its mission of making women in tech more visible and supporting their career advancement. We are excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact Dutch Tech On Heels will have on the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands. Together, we can create a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Jennifer Delano, CEO at PRGoeroes and founder of Dutch Tech On Heels, expressed her gratitude towards The Hague Tech for their organization and the opportunity to launch the Dutch Tech On Heels platform. She stated, "We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to The Hague Tech for their support in organizing this event and providing us with a platform to launch Dutch Tech On Heels. Their commitment to fostering innovation and inclusivity in the tech industry is truly commendable."


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