Fitch Data appoints Stella Libre as data scientist


Fitch Data has expanded its team of data specialists to include Stella Libre. As a data scientist, she helps analyze business data to build a predictive model that ensures better business processes.

Libre also helps companies systematically use new data science tools. With her knowledge and experience in data analytics and data science, Libre contributes to the goal of digitalization consultancy Data Fitch: helping B2B and B2C organizations manage, analyze and access data. To use it to make digital transformations workable. In doing so, Fitch Data's team not only provides secondment, software implementations and robotic process automation, but also realizes that these aspects work together.

Experience at concrete business problems

Libre has gained experience as a data professional at various other companies and organizations, including in the financial sector, marketing analytics and at Wageningen University. She wants to apply her knowledge more to solving concrete business problems and has now found this challenge at Fitch Data. Here she can broaden her own horizons by working on various projects. Libre: "Fitch Data's vision appeals to me. We help clients solve their practical problems through data-driven analytics and improved data processes. As a member of the internal data analytics team at the client, I can contribute to both meeting data goals and improving the data process for the long term."

For a further introduction to Stella Libre, check out her LinkedIn profile or email

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