ICT consultancy Bizzomate achieves third 'Great Place To Work' certification in a row


The certification was awarded by Great Place To Work Netherlands after an independent, anonymous employee survey measured five key values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and camaraderie. Great Place To Work uses this approach in over 10,000 organizations in 60 countries worldwide.

Anne van der Heide, Happiness Officer at Bizzomate: "Our third certification as Great Place to Work shows that we are structurally working on the right things and we are very happy to receive confirmation of that. Especially the high level of personal responsibility, the trust of management and the fact that colleagues within the organization can count on each other is highly appreciated. Bizzomate achieved a 100% score on these points this year. We are enormously proud of that."

Excellent overall score

On all tested values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and camaraderie, Bizzomate scored well above 90 percent again this year. In addition, 100 percent of colleagues say they are given the right tools to do their jobs well and that making mistakes is allowed within the organization.

Attention to appreciation

The scores also show that employees are happy with the appreciation they receive for their efforts at Bizzomate. Colleagues not only receive appreciation from management, but much is done to ensure that colleagues express their appreciation for each other. Via the feedback tool Truqu, colleagues give each other compliments and feedback and attention is paid to this during quarterly meetings. Employees also receive a lot of appreciation from people who help them during their CSR work.

Why work at Bizzomate

The main reasons that people choose Bizzomate is the fact that they can spend 10% of their time on personal growth and 10% of their time on volunteer work. In addition, the people-oriented approach and the ample attention for work-life balance are decisive reasons to work at Bizzomate.

Actively working with feedback

Nevertheless, the job market is still tight, especially for ICT professionals. So Bizzomate is working hard to remain an attractive employer in the coming year. The organization does this by listening carefully, asking questions and then making improvements where necessary. Based on previous feedback, for example, the employee participation scheme has been adjusted. People who stay with Bizzomate longer are now extra rewarded for their loyalty.


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