International Women in Engineering Day celebrates the achievements of women in IT


Through inspiring examples, more young women and girls choose a STEM future

Amsterdam, June 23, 2022 - was International Women in Engineering Day. International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is also a special day when women working in IT celebrate their achievements and inspire young people to choose the field.

Since 1982, women have earned nearly 10 million more college degrees than men. Yet a 2021 study by the Society of Women Engineers found that only 16.5% of engineers are women.

International Women in Engineering Day is organized by the Women's Engineering Society (WES) and will take place for the ninth time in 2022. Meanwhile, recognition of women in engineering is proving to make the field more popular among young women and girls. INWED inspires them with examples of women who preceded them in the engineering world. The ultimate goal is equal representation of people from all walks of life working in STEM positions.

"We continue to see a huge push in the IT industry to increase gender diversity," said Liz Parnell, COO of Rackspace Technology. "For example, we aim for a 50:50 split between men and women in postdoctoral recruitment. But more positive action can be taken. We need to make young people understand that IT is not a boys' club and that women started this industry! We need to make industry heroes like Margaret Hamilton as famous as Alan Turing or Steve Jobs."

"I believe that by focusing on the next generation we will see a real transformation. By engaging children at an early age, we can encourage and help them see themselves in technology and engineering roles, and get them excited about new technologies and applications in the future, all of which will influence their future career decisions. This is something we contribute to through our Racker Resource Groups, where we help school children gain a fundamental understanding of technology - from how to code to what the future of the cloud will be."

About the Women's Engineering Society (WES)

The Women's Engineering Society (WES) is an English charity founded in 1919 after World War I, when women who had worked in engineering fields found it difficult, if not impossible, to continue working as engineers. A change in the law to allow women engineers to return home, just as their sisters were allowed into the civil service and legal professions, led to the founding of WES by pioneering and influential women.

The WES organized the first National Women in Engineering Day in the United Kingdom on June 23, 2014, to celebrate its 95th anniversary. Since then, INWED has grown tremendously and received patronage from UNESCO in 2016. In 2017, for the first time, INWED became an international event to highlight the achievements of women in engineering worldwide.

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