More efficiency for businesses thanks to Freshworks' new generative AI extensions


Utrecht, 22 June 2023 - Freshworks today announced Freddy Self Service, Freddy Copilot and Freddy Insights to make artificial intelligence more accessible to any workplace. The new predictive and assistive generative AI capabilities go beyond content generation. They help support staff, sales, marketers, IT teams and managers work more efficiently, with a new way of interacting with their business software.

The new Freddy AI enhancements will be demonstrated for the first time at Freshworks' online Q2 '23 Launch event. This complements the AI upgrades launched in March, which reduced the time to complete tasks in sales, marketing and support by as much as 83%.

"Our goal is to make generative AI accessible to the Fortune five million, not just the Fortune 500 company," said Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO. "We have been helping customers improve their business efficiency for half a decade and know that it doesn't take a billion apps to do that. Every department can benefit from a workplace assistant that maximises productivity. And that is exactly what Freddy AI does - for the support assistant, sales, marketer, IT manager, HR professional, developer and others."

Easy and fun to work with
With artificial intelligence, the new Freddy AI capabilities reduce workloads and make work a lot more enjoyable.
Freddy Copilot provides contextual assistance, eases repetitive tasks and maximises team productivity by enabling developers and employees in support, sales and marketing to get their work done through conversations;
Freddy Self Service moves monotonous work to bots so the support department can focus on delivering the best customer experiences
Freddy Insights automates productivity analysis and makes recommendations for improvement.
Freshworks integrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into its Freddy AI solutions to drive various Freddy Copilot and Freddy Self Service use cases while ensuring the privacy and security of Freshworks customers' data. John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President, Azure AI Platform at Microsoft, said, "Microsoft and Freshworks are working together to bring the power of generative AI with enterprise-level security and compliance to the workplace for businesses of all sizes. We believe in Freshworks' mission and we are excited to see how people in customer support, IT, sales and marketing can transform their customer and employee experiences with Microsoft Azure OpenAI." Freshworks currently uses Azure Cognitive Services, including Open AI completions API, GPT3.5 turbo and GPT4 models, to implement features such as message expansion, tone amplifier, summariser, reformulation. Azure OpenAI Service's most powerful GPT-3 model, named text-davinci-003, is also used to build Freddy Copilot.

Freddy Copilot for a more efficient way of sales, marketing and development
With Freddy Copilot for support, sales, marketing and developers, Freshworks users speed up workflows with conversational prompts. They can also build new applications to extend workflows. 390 companies have already used a beta version of Freddy Copilot and reduced the time investment by as much as 83%. The more than 2,500 developers already using the Freshworks Developer Platform can develop innovative apps faster with Freddy Copilot.

Freddy Self Service for more personalised customer and employee support at scale
With Freddy Self Service, companies deliver personalised automation at scale. This is possible using the Freshworks platform and the large language model ("LLM") for personalised automation that increases agent productivity. Using large language and account-specific models, Freddy Self Service can handle large portions of L0/L1 queries from employees and customers within Freshdesk and Freshservice and provide personalised responses. This allows customer service and IT staff to focus on more difficult projects and tasks.

"Freshworks has quickly become the centrepiece of IQor's digital customer and employee universe," said Sergey Kolosovosky, Senior Vice President Application Development and Solutions at IQor, a US company that employs 40,000 employees and uses Freshworks Freddy's AI capabilities.

Freddy Insights for automated and actionable business intelligence
Freddy Insights helps companies streamline operations and drive business growth. Freshworks' generative AI analyses customer and staff support data and automatically identifies areas for improvement. It is also capable of analysing the effectiveness of marketing and sales and provides tips on how to improve and increase revenue.

Freddy Insights also provides proactive quality management for evaluation of the support given, helps find out whether employees are meeting set targets and guides agents to get better with every customer call.

"For far too long, companies have spent time and energy training people to understand software. Now, with generative AI, products are learning to adapt to how people think," said Prakash Ramamurthy, chief product officer at Freshworks. "Freshworks has a unique opportunity to bring greater productivity and proactive insights to companies of all sizes and help our customers turn generative AI into business momentum."

Freshworks' goal is for Freddy AI Solutions to combine the strengths of a range of LLMs to optimise business performance and accelerate implementations."

Freshworks builds out proprietary language models and integrates general LLMs to meet client-specific needs.
Domain-specific LLMs from Freshworks developed specifically for applications such as Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshmarketer and Freshchat.
Account-specific LLMs from Freshworks that are created for each company's unique needs and only provide access to their own customer data.
General purpose LLMs such as GPT for superior communication capabilities.


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