'Nee zeggen Loont': first book pulled in the metaverse


First book pulled into the metaverse

Asking a virtual avatar in the metaverse questions about the contents of a book is no longer a thing of the future. Dutch company CoVince has now made this possible. From now on, interested parties in the metaverse can ask questions about the content of the #1 management book 'Nee zeggen loont' by entrepreneur Jennifer Delano.

Talking to a management book

CoVince was founded in 2017. The company's metaverse platform offers digital resources to build your own community, within which to collaborate and learn virtually. CoVince has now developed an avatar that can provide people with information on the bestseller 'Saying no pays off' by Jennifer Delano of PRGoeroes. Jennifer partnered with CoVince for this project. "This project is really a co-creation of me and CoVince," she states.

Different from ChatGPT

In 'Saying no pays off', Jennifer describes the seven worst types of customers for entrepreneurs through recognisable real-life stories. "You can ask this avatar in the metaverse all kinds of questions, such as: how can you best deal with customers who don't pay? That comes up in the book," says Richard van Tilborg, founder of CoVince. "Then the avatar starts to think for a while and then comes up with an answer, based on the information in the book. The big difference with ChatGPT is that in this case you can use your voice." The company also uses the avatar for practising job interviews or negotiations. CoVince's avatar providing information and tips from 'Saying No pays off' can be accessed at this link.

About Jennifer Delano

Jennifer is a 20+ year entrepreneur, PR agent and founder of the community DutchTechOnHeels. This platform shines the spotlight on women working in the tech sector. Jennifer would like more attention to this. In March 2023, she published her first book 'Saying no pays off'. With humour as well as a serious undertone, Jennifer Delano describes the seven worst types of customers in this bestseller. It reached the number-1 position on the Management Book top-10. From today, the book has also been pulled in the metaverse. More information about the book: www.neezeggenloont.nl.


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