Partner program for smart document processing


Software company Klippa today announced the launch of the Klippa Partner Network. This partner program is designed to foster collaboration between Klippa and companies that provide software for digitizing business processes, such as accounting software, iPaaS, Low-Code and RPA platforms.

Yeelen Knegtering, CEO of Klippa, welcomes the launch of the program, "We are pleased to launch this program and support our partners in strengthening their businesses. We believe this pave the way for successful collaborations and the development of new solutions for our customers."

Why a partner program?

Klippa receives a lot of demand from their customers and other companies to establish links with new or existing systems. There is also a high demand from software developers who want to use Klippa's document scanning functionalities in their customers' automation projects. To meet this demand, Klippa recently designed the partner program.

Three different partner opportunities

Within the Klippa Partner Network, there are three different partner opportunities.

Business Partners deliver Klippa's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions and services to their customers. They are responsible for consulting, reselling and supporting Klippa's solutions at all business levels.

Technology Partners seamlessly integrate Klippa's technology into their own solutions, resulting in document automation at scale and greater value to customers.

Implementation Partners have the opportunity to work with Klippa's team to ensure their customers successfully implement Klippa solutions and achieve their desired results.


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