'Passkeys are easier to use and more secure than other authentication methods'


This is an expert Passkeys quote from Edwin Vlieg, Founder and CEO, Moneybird
Passkeys are a great development. We are used to logging in with a username and password. In recent years, however, you see that a second factor (2FA) is increasingly required to log in securely. For example, banks do this by having the login confirmed via the mobile application.

Logging in Passkeys with a second factor results in additional operations. For applications that users work a lot in, such as an accounting package, it is therefore often an extra barrier. At the same time, it is very important to properly secure the sensitive information in an accounting package. Just a username and password are then not enough. Even a second factor via a one-time code, for example, is not secure enough against phishing .

Passkeys are a new technique by which a user logs in with his fingerprint or facial scan. This is a simple operation that is also much more secure than other ways of authentication. The technology is becoming increasingly popular, with major players deploying it, such as Apple and Amazon. Moneybird is one of the first major Dutch parties to offer this technology. The goal is to eventually have all users use passkeys for the best possible security of the sensitive data in an account.


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