'Regulating AI from government is utopia'


This utopia is an expert quote by Auke Bijnsdorp, Managing Partner/Founder, Top of Minds Group.

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This week, Rijksoverheid organised a sector meeting on generative AI. Policymakers and experts from the field discussed the impact of AI on the Dutch labour market.

I fully understand that the government organises such meetings in an attempt to get a grip on generative AI. After all, the rise of AI changes a lot: tasks are automated and responsibilities shift. But regulating AI from the government is very difficult. It is a lot more feasible for individuals to understand AI and make it work for you.

Central to the sector meeting was the call for more transparency, quality control of AI models and continuing education on AI.

In my view, the latter should not come about through substantive interference from the government, but through market forces in education. Not by funding studies based on student demand, but on labour market demand. Employers need workers with certain skills - think nurses, teachers, technicians and, indeed, AI experts. Study programmes that provide these should become cheaper or even free for students. This financial incentive will solve utopia labour market shortages in a targeted way.


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