Zoom AI Companion used over 1 million times within two months for meeting summaries


Zoom AI Companion used over 1 million times for meeting summaries within two months

A scant two months after the launch of Zoom AI Companion,  Zoom's generative AI assistant has already been used more than one million times to summarize meetings. Following this lightning-fast deployment, the company is now announcing new features, additional language support and further enhancements to existing features for AI Companion.

"The core of our mission is to provide as much value as possible to our customers. That is why we have made AI Companion available at no additional cost¹ and continue to add AI features at a rapid pace to provide even better support to more customers," said Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom. "In our unique federated AI approach, we dynamically leverage multiple models, allowing us to reduce AI overhead costs and provide broad access to generative AI."

New features for Zoom AI Companion
Starting today, AI Companion users can ask questions in new languages during meetings. Also, short summaries of meetings will now be added at the top of the full summary.

  • Users can ask AI Companion questions during meetings in seven new languages (available as a preview).
  • Based on user feedback received, a short summary will be added to the summary emails, allowing users to quickly scan key points. This feature will become available in November for summaries via continuous chats.

More AI Companion features available in November
Zoom continues to improve AI Companion with more features becoming available during November:

  • AI Companion gets language support for a total of 32 new languages for summarizing meetings and answering questions during meetings (available as a preview).
  • AI Companion can coach users on meetings, starting with speech analytics in Smart Recordings. Speech analytics include the organizer's speaking-listening ratio, speaking rate and stop words and provide valuable insights into how they interact with other participants during Zoom meetings.
  • AI Companion will be available in Zoom Events, with the ability to generate chat messages for lobby chats and write emails for event registration, marketing purposes and ticketing communications.
  • Users will have the option to limit AI Companion capabilities for their organization to using Zoom's LLM.

AI Companion is available at no additional cost for paid Zoom accounts.¹ For more information about Zoom AI Companion, visit the Zoom-website.

¹ AI Companion is included for free with paid services associated with Zoom accounts. AI Companion may not be available for all regions and industries.

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