Zoomtopia 2023: Zoom launches Zoom Docs and commits fully to AI


Zoom Video Communications has kicked off its annual Zoomtopia event with new, AI-driven platform innovations. Zoom enables next-gen collaboration with Zoom Docs - an AI-powered, flexible and modular workspace integrated with the Zoom platform and external apps. It allows professionals to (collaborate) and manage projects without losing overview. Zoom Docs has capabilities found in traditional word processors as well as drag-and-drop blocks for tables, charts and images and features to build entire wikis.

Zoom is expanding its platform with Zoom Docs, a modular, AI-driven workspace for documentation, Zoomtopia project and data management and creating tables, wikis, task lists and more.
AI Companion makes its debut in Zoom Whiteboard; AI summaries of Meetings and Team Chats are now available to higher education and healthcare customers.
Better experiences for employees and customers alike with new platform innovations and integrations supported by powerful AI capabilities.
Zoom Docs was built with AI in mind. Among other things, users can kickstart their work using AI by populating documents with content from Zoom Meetings, have content created by Zoom AI Companion or summarise and search documents. Zoom Docs is expected to become generally available in 2024.

"Our way of working continues to transform and new challenges come and go. But one thing remains the same: tools for effective collaboration and communication are crucial for business success," said Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom. "We always focus on making responsible choices to drive our customers' success. In doing so, we fully understand that leaders face new obstacles every day, such as how to deal with hybrid work, improving engagement and collaboration between customers and employees, how to use AI to empower your people or reducing complexity in IT. Our new innovations advance our vision of a platform that enables unlimited human connection to solve real business problems."

Zoom AI Companion helps with brainstorming

The recently announced digital assistant, Zoom AI Companion, is now making its debut in Zoom Whiteboard. Also, the ability to summarise Meetings and Team Chats is now available to Zoom customers in higher education and healthcare. AI Companion is included at no extra cost for paid users on eligible accounts.¹

In other Zoom tools, AI Companion updates participants in real time on ongoing meetings, summarises long chat conversations, helps compose emails in Zoom Mail and more. AI Companion can now also help with brainstorming on a digital whiteboard and help categorise ideas, allowing teams to move faster from idea to execution.

Read more about AI Companion and all its real-time support capabilities on the Zoom platform.

Flexible collaboration on a modern platform Zoomtopia

Designed to provide an exceptional employee experience in this era of hybrid work, Zoom supports employees whether they work from home, in the office, or both. With this in mind, Zoom is launching the following platform innovations:

Employee engagement: Workvivo, a solution that drives engagement and communication in hybrid teams, was acquired by Zoom earlier this year. Soon, Workvivo users will be able to access Workvivo directly from Zoom's desktop application.
Hybrid work:
Workspace Reservation can already recommend workstations so you are close to the colleagues you work most closely with. A navigation function will be added next year. This will give users a route map to the reserved office workspace and allow them to view the route in their mobile app when they need to find their way in an unfamiliar office location.
Huddles are virtual co-working spaces that bring together employees from office, hybrid and remote teams. Now Zoom offers presence indicators and location information with My Office View. This allows users to know in which location their colleagues are working. My Office View in Huddles is expected to be available in 2024.

Collaboration: Zoom has made it easier to prepare meetings with services such as Calendar, Mail, Team Chat and most recently with Zoom Scheduler. New features in Zoom Scheduler now also allow users to share one-off calendar links to maintain control over their calendar, add custom logos to their booking page for a consistent brand experience as well as add multi-account support so users can check availability for multiple accounts, such as their work and personal calendars.
Soon, users will be able to assign each meeting host their own availability, so they don't have to block their calendars for different teams or regions. In addition, support staff, such as personal assistants, can also schedule appointments for others. Salesforce is also integrated with Scheduler, so that meeting data from Zoom Scheduler is automatically processed in Salesforce.
Click here for information on more new features in Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms and other Zoom One services.

Stronger customer relationships

Zoom's AI-driven customer experience (CX) solutions provide customer-facing teams with everything they need to support and engage customers, no matter which location they are working in. These innovations help teams further strengthen their customer relationships:

For support staff and managers:

The AI Expert Assist deploys generative AI to help support teams make their workflows more efficient in real time.
For employees, it uses natural conversational language to define contextual actions in real time and automatically look up useful customer and knowledge base information. Available in Q4 this year.
For managers, it offers concrete suggestions to help them reduce the cost of manual tasks and avoid missed improvement opportunities. Available in Q1 next year.
Zoom Virtual Agent and Zoom Contact Centre will be integrated with WhatsApp and Messenger in the coming months, allowing customers to communicate through their preferred channels.
Event managers: Event managers will get better support before and during events using generative AI in Zoom Events, allowing them to create email invitations, among other things.
Click here to learn more about these and other Zoom innovations that strengthen customer relationships.

Watch LIVE with Zoomtopia

For the second consecutive year, Zoomtopia is a two-day hybrid Zoom Events experience featuring high-profile speakers and leading business leaders, full of opportunities to network, collaborate and learn.

You can watch Zoomtopia live here on 3 and 4 October.
You can also watch the EMEA edition of Zoomtopia live on 4 and 5 October. Register here.

¹ Available to customers with the paid services assigned to their Zoom user accounts. AI Companion may not be available for all regions and industries.


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