TNW Conference 2023

 - 16/06/2023

The Next Web Conference, the premier international tech festival, today announced the theme of its June 15-16 event, "Reclaim the Future’’. The theme is a call for the tech world to come together in Amsterdam and shake off the negativity surrounding tech.

This year, TNW wants to refocus the tech industry and bring back the positivity from the early days of tech. "In the past fairly turbulent years, we chose not to have an annual theme to our event. Instead, we have focused on creating the place where you can discover 'what's next in tech' now," said Myrthe van der Erve, CEO of TNW. "That will never change, but in 2023 it's time for to be bold again. We've been doing this for 17 years without explicitly naming it, but TNW Conference is the place where tech can recapture the future. Hence, it is our main theme this year."

Positive impact is evident throughout the event, and not just in program themes such as Future Tech, Impact and Inclusive Tech. TNW demonstrates positive impact through a meat-free food offering, a commitment to recycling and reducing waste and water consumption, and the use of renewable energy sources. There is also a strong commitment to inclusivity, working with partners to ensure equal access for all.

Inspire to do good

Also in 2023, TNW is living up to its reputation, with leading tech speakers on stage to inspire 10,000 founders, executives, investors, startups and innovators. This year's lineup includes:

Caroline Lair, Co-Founder, Women in AI and founder of The Good AI - the first global community of AI companies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals;

Poppy Crum, CTO, NextSense, visionary futurist, neuroscientist and innovator who wants to use data to improve our brain health;

Barbara Belvisi, CEO of Interstellar Labs, which develops technology for sustainable cultivation and life support for space travel;

Krijn de Nood, CEO of Meatable, developers of cultured meat to end animal suffering;

Karen Dolva, CEO and co-founder of No Isolation, who want to end loneliness through technology .

...and many others. Keep an eye on the program for the latest updates.

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