Wijsstemmer.nl opens political door for 2.5 million low-literate people with AI chatbot in simple language


At a time when providing information is crucial, Wijsstemmer.nl is launching an innovative tool that makes political information accessible to everyone, including the 2.5 million Dutch people who have difficulty reading and writing. Users can now ask questions to the AI chatbot of the participating political parties and choose answers in "simple language".

The "simple language" version of the chatbot is designed to translate the views of the different political parties into easy-to-understand answers. These answers are shorter, use simpler language and are therefore accessible to a wider audience. An added advantage is that Wijsstemmer.nl is multilingual. Questions asked in another language are also answered in that language, including in the "simple language" version. This makes the tool even more inclusive for a diverse audience.

"Since the going live of Wijsstemmer.nl, we have answered thousands of questions. This proves that there is a great need for clear political information. With this new feature, we want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their language skills, can make an informed choice during the elections" said Sjoerd van Tilburg, founder of Leto.chat and spokesperson for the company.

The technology behind this innovative tool comes from Leto.chat. This technology enables Wijsstemmer.nl to train an AI chatbot based on random text documents. The political chatbots used the party programmes of the participating parties.

About Wijsstemmer.nl:
Wijsstemmer.nl is a platform dedicated to providing clear and accessible political information. By integrating advanced AI technology, the platform allows users to ask direct questions to chatbots trained on party programmes. Wijsstemmer.nl is a global first with this unique application of AI to make political information more accessible.


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